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Increase Your Self-Confidence – A talk with Manasi Moghe, Miss India Universe 2013

A staggering majority among the women in India are facing the sad issue of distorted self-image. Self-awareness grew with the waves of advertisement and social media that came to dictate at some point a standard of beauty that is unrealistic to some extent and caused so many young and beautiful ladies  to loose their confidence and their self-esteem. 
After the shoot we had the opportunity to ask one of the most beautiful women of India, Manasi Moghe, to tell us about how to build up self-confidence and how to improve our own perception of ourselves. 
In a quick interview she […]

Get To Know

Growing up, reading about how famous fashion models like Kate Moss, Karlie Kloss and so many more were discovered by modeling agencies in the most random places always fascinated me. Who knew that something so similar would have happened to me. With no professional modeling experience I was given a chance to audition for India’s next top model  at just 18, when supermodel Alesia Raut spotted me a church fashion show . I got to live my teenage dream through it , from  going to runway shows to being photographed by famous photographers  and  meeting people who I only  ever dreamed […]