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Increase Your Self-Confidence – A talk with Manasi Moghe, Miss India Universe 2013

A staggering majority among the women in India are facing the sad issue of distorted self-image. Self-awareness grew with the waves of advertisement and social media that came to dictate at some point a standard of beauty that is unrealistic to some extent and caused so many young and beautiful ladies  to loose their confidence and their self-esteem. 
After the shoot we had the opportunity to ask one of the most beautiful women of India, Manasi Moghe, to tell us about how to build up self-confidence and how to improve our own perception of ourselves. 
In a quick interview she gave us 5 pieces of advice to follow:
1- Be Yourself:
Manasi says that the beauty within will always find away to show up on the outside if we stick to our genuine nature and stick to our principles. It is important not to fake it and try to step in other people’s shoes cause in the end there is no standard size, and only yours will fit you perfectly.
2- Chase Your dreams:
Dreams provide eternal youth, people look their best when they speak about the things they are passionate about. Their eyes sparkle and their features get enlightened. Having a goal in life shifts your focus from the waves of criticism and saves your energy for your self-improvement.
3- Believe in Equality:
Manasi believes that despite the difference in background, gender, and environment, everyone has the same chances of achieving what they set up their mind to accomplish. Accepting this will allow you to focus on committing yourself to your own development rather than comping yourself to others.
4- Be Proactive & chase opportunities:
Life is a journey where if you don’t step up and start looking for opportunities to work on yourself, you will never make any improvement. It can be learning a new soft skill like public speech or even opening your own blog  or just go to that casting you were scared to go to. Any door that could possibly get you closer to where you want to go, you should open it at any cost.
5- Beauty just like Happiness is an inside Job: 
The most important thing to keep in mind before thinking about looking in the mirror and hiding your face behind make up remember that if you don’t believe in the pretty soul that is thriving beneath your skin, you will never get to see the wonderful person that you really are.