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Fancy Holidays (2)

Spending holidays at a winery! We had to take a guided tour. On this tour we saw each part of wine making process and understood all the intricacies that goes into making these world-renowned beverages. We got to know about the different types of wine, what makes them different, which wine is best suited for what and how the wine is bottled.

We even had the kind privilege of wine stomping; the way wines were traditionally made.

Here is a cute picture of our friends in their colorful dress and floral printed top enjoying their day.

Augustin and I taking a sip of the rich flavored wine on the beautiful deck against the vast lush vineyard behind us.  I am wearing a beautiful white floral print dress with a brown belt to accentuate my waist and him wearing a crisp and silky powder-blue shirt and brown shorts for a  co-ordinated, soothing and well dressed casual look.. 

After wine stomping, tasting and bottling section, we went to the barrel room full of wooden barrels with precious wine maturing for months and years. The whole room pleasantly smelled of red wine.


Here is me wearing this beautifully comfortable floral print top with royal blue leggings for fashionable yet easy stroll around the Winery.

here we are taking a ‘selfie’ behind these aging wines in our cute outfits consisting of sparkly blue dress and a white dress with delicate lace.

And now, also of us having a sip of the delicious red wine with all girls dressed pretty and Augustin in strong lumberman style plaid shirt with super comfortable camel colored chinos.

With this we ended our day and made ourselves comfortable in our rooms, but before going to bed we made plans for what to wear and the activities we will be doing the next morning.

4. A day of Adventure and Experiment

With the next morning came alive our exciting plans with first being, taking a lot of pictures of us, girlfriends in our traditional’s behind the expansive decor of the winery with its beautifully rich and wide deck , sophisticated french staircase and the vast garden.

Me and my bestie expressing our joy in these beautiful vibrant and fun Kurtis against the equally beautiful deck and the vast vineyard behind it.

Now its time to move down to our next activity planned for the day and for this we changed into our breathable active wear for the adventure to come.

All of us ready for our adventure ride to forest trails in our playful, breathable active wear in pleasant colors.

We went out to take a round of the vast beautiful campus of Four Seasons Winery as well as the forest trail behind it on our bicycles.



Caught taking a ride through the beautiful lush green vineyard with dazzling chateau at the back in its glorious vastness.

This was to be the last activity of the day before we retire ourselves to the poolside.

When we went to the poolside and saw the beautiful swimming pool, vast open green grass and beautiful hallway we knew its a place where we had to snap some pictures for as long as there is light. I quickly went to change and snap my strong fashionable looks, as it was just the apt location.

Uber sexy Ria striking a pose, wearing stylish white and black striped jacket with a white crop top and body flattering skin fit jeans.

Beautiful picture by the poolside with me wearing rose-red dress with delicate lace details, Dorothy wearing crimson red frill top with denim skirt and Augustin carrying a fun look with white graphic printed shirt and brown bermuda shorts. It’s a well co-ordinated poppy and fun look.


With this barbecue underneath the twinkling stars and our whispers of planning to come here again for the next season, we bid each other thanks and goodnight.  Augustin and me decided to give some time to ourselves at the deck for hour long talks and laughter.Drinking our favorite beverage in the sparkly night wearing white collar embellished formal top with comfortable royal blue leggings and him in his smart powder pink finely tailored shirt and black straight fit trousers. Both of us dressed beautifully for a great dinner date under the bright night sky.

With the giggles and sense of utmost satisfaction we went to our bed with an alarm to leave for Mumbai the next morning.

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