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Unlimited Celebrations At Four Seasons Vineyards – Part 1

1. Planning and Packing 

As a working-women and a homemaker there is a frequent need for a vacation, but on the contrary very little opportunity to go for one. Therefore, whenever an opportunity hits I am the one to make the plans and ready everyone up for the outing I desperately needed.

This holiday season we decided to enroll my best friends for the journey to Four Seasons Vineyard tucked away in Baramati, about a 90-minute ride away from Pune, Maharashtra.

Set amidst the Sahyadri valley, the Four Seasons vineyard bursting with ripe grapes dappled with sunlight is a balm for sore eyes. There are 50 acres of vineyard to explore.

The Four Seasons winery is beautifully modeled on a French chateau.

The chateau provides an ambiance of sophistication, grace, and old-world charm unlike anything in India. With its white stucco facade, high vaulted roofs, and arched corridors, the chateau promises modern comforts and character, with attractive fountains in front and lush green lawns that border the vineyards all around. This rambling chateau is a perfect reflection of the original French chateaus that inspired it. Rustic details such as a grand, winding wooden staircase add to an impeccable old-world panache, sophistication not normally found in manufacturing units. The staircase carries you to the upper level, which houses the tasting and the dining rooms as well as the residential rooms and suites. The suites overlook the vineyards while the rooms open on an internal landscape courtyard.

Wine has never enjoyed a more regal setting.

After all the planning of how to get here came the hardest part, deciding the wardrobe for the trip. I always preferred to carry bit of everything in my wardrobe for my vacations from traditional, sportswear, casuals and high fashion looks; but to my disappointment there wasn’t much in my wardrobe for me to carry. After a lot of whining and crying my friends decided to help me out by referring me to a ‘Unlimited store’ and Ria handed me a gift card as my pending New Year present.

Before entering the store I quickly created a list of looks to shop on the back of my head. These looks were traditional Kurtis with leggings for occasions, sports wear for our adventures, casuals for day to day and high fashion looks when I want to flaunt my fashion prowess. Entering the store I was quick to find what I need since everything was very conveniently displayed and I was able to finish my shopping in an hours time (Which is rarely possible). Out of Impulse I also decided to shop holiday looks for my kid and dear friend Augustin.

After all the last minute packing like always, we hit the road to Four Seasons Vineyard in a Taxi and reached our destination in 5 hours of time from Mumbai. The road took us from bustling Pune to small quite agriculture rich villages in the district before we were finally welcomed with a beautiful picture perfect French styled Chateau with green sprawling vineyard surrounding it and in front a magnificent fountain.

Upon arriving we were warmly greeted and accompanied to our rooms. We were

quick to fall asleep from all that travel and left the exploration for tomorrow.

2.A Day to sit back and relax

Our morning started with delicious breadbasket and juice against the beautifully crafted wooden bed and furniture which was well spaced for the feel of luxury.

Next we moved on to the balcony to the fill in the scenic morning view and to hear the early morning breeze, which is so hard to find in Mumbai.

For the first day we just relaxed and enjoyed our stay in Chateau so we decided to wear pastels and prints in shades of blue to contrast beautifully with the beige cream interiors. In the photographs this gave nice and calm appeal with us in the focus.

3.A Day out in the Vineyard

Now that the fatigue was gone, and excitement high we all went out for a stroll in the beautiful vineyard dressed for perfect memorable pictures.

Here the navy blue polka-dot dress stands out from the vineyard, putting me in focus.

Dorothy wore cute little denim skirt with sweet and comfy floral printed top and a brown hat, giving her very casual yet stylish look as well as complimenting her new hair color


Ria the most creative of us all sitting down like a child giving pretty pose with her pretty little ruby off shoulder dress and flowers in her hair.

And here is me again with my dear Augustin wearing pastel blue shirt with candy red trousers looking uber cool while maintaining the casual dude look.


This is a shot of us tasting the perfectly curated wines in the lush vineyard,

with me wearing a super comfortable skin fit jeans and white top with beautiful powder pink floral scarf and Dorothy wearing her pretty pink floral print dress.

For lunch we were not ready to settle back inside and decided to have our small little picnic on the ‘Helipad’ by the lush green vineyard and exquisite Chateau behind us. The air was cool with a fine breeze, the perfect weather for a picnic. There were a lot of talk, laugher and giggles, which we shared after quite some time now.


to be continued….

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