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Growing up, reading about how famous fashion models like Kate Moss, Karlie Kloss and so many more were discovered by modeling agencies in the most random places always fascinated me.

Who knew that something so similar would have happened to me. With no professional modeling experience I was given a chance to audition for India’s next top model  at just 18, when supermodel Alesia Raut spotted me a church fashion show . I got to live my teenage dream through it , from  going to runway shows to being photographed by famous photographers  and  meeting people who I only  ever dreamed of seeing. When I was walking the ramp for lakme fashion week my sandal straps were untied that’s probably one of the most outrageous things to ever happen to me but i look back and smile as i still continued my walk as if nothing ever happened.

As a kid I’ve always flipped through magazines looking at models in awe and hoping to be just like them one day, that came true when I was featured in Grazia for lakme’s perfect pout lipsticks. Working with ‘And Let There Be Lights has been so much fun, it was the first time I got to do a series of looks that I could choose from and be myself, it really pushed me to get the best out of me.  Being able to transform yourself like a chameleon on set as a model always interests me, you can be 8 different personalities and at the end of the day just go back to being who you are.  I think the most fun part about being a model is getting to wear these crazy outfits and getting to experiment with the most creative people in  the fashion industry .

Lastly, always go crazy.

Danielle Canute.